Lilly always stays.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe snow is falling at a constant pace, blanketing the farm; our world. Coated in white it’s pictured beautifully out my office window. The last week in March and I believe this is the most snow we’ve gotten this winter. The weatherman (ugh) is calling for snow all day and mentioned something about an accumulation but…. we’ll see.

I’m a little late moving this morning, its 7am and I haven’t been out to the barns yet but that’s ok. I know the animals are all tucked in: the goats don’t like to get their feet wet (read previous posting) and the horses are always fine. They give me little, if no trouble at all.

My husband will sleep until late morning today, he’s up often during the night, having difficulty sleeping or getting comfortable. Our dogs seem to follow his lead, staying snuggled in until he gets up. Even Eli the Labrador and youngest of the pack has fallen into pace with the other two dogs. He patiently waits until I open the kitchen door to the stairs before he bounds down headed through the other kitchen door to the great outdoors for his morning constitution, a few sniffs around the garden, and then back in and up the stairs again until Doug is ready to face the day.

Phoebe comes down with him and makes her quick exit out the door and in the time it’s taken me to turn the coffeemaker on she is waiting for me to let her in. She’s a Chinese Crested and because of her lack of hair (her breed doesn’t have fur, instead they actually have hair) she wants back in to the warmth of the house. She hops up into the lap of a big wicker chair in the kitchen awaiting her ginger cookie and then she too wants back up to the bedroom. This ritual takes place in precisely the same manner each and every morning.

Lilly is the only one who stays. She is burrowed deep under the blankets her back usually resting against Doug’s back. Lilly is steadfast in her love and devotion to Doug; she rarely leaves his side.

It’s an odd phenomena paying witness to the psychology of the bond between my very ill husband and our dogs. I believe strongly that animals and their human counterparts share a unique symbiotic relationship, but watching it in action, especially when times are rough is a special gift.

Times are rough lately.

4 thoughts on “Lilly always stays.”

  1. FarmGirl, Chickadeehill has it right. When reading this posting I could smell the coffee brewing, hear the dog’s clicking acoss the kitchen floor, the door opening and see their tail’s wagging. Keep tail’s wagging.

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